10 Best Prop for DIY Newborn Infant Pictures


Every precious new baby is one of the most beautiful and amazing present in any parent’s life. What parents doesn’t love having darling photographs of these babies? Whether or not it may be the thousandth picture you’ve obtained on your telephone that week, youre taking pictures with your DSLR, or you’ve hired someone to capture a special milestone, picture props can bring a picture from good to great in a snap.

But where do you even start with all of the baby picture props available? Or maybe you don’t even know yet what to look for to bring a little pizzazz to your baby's picture shoot. Not to worry as we have 10 of the best baby picture props to share with you today.

We hope that you find precisely what you’re looking for in our top 10 listing of baby picture props.

1.)Swaddle Wraps
Wraps are cute nevertheless practical. It could help you to be able to create colorful in addition to cute newborn pictures imagery. These usually are particularly useful since they let you include the newborn’s exclusive parts, skin staining, or rashes very easily and quickly. Along with diaper covers, you can simply leave the diaper on, making for any much easier plus cleaner shoot.

Infants prefer to be comfortable, and many babies furthermore like to become swaddled. Using a cover will help maintain baby warm plus comfortable enough in order to keep snoozing throughout your shoot. A tight (but not as well tight) swaddle will certainly also help to keep child in the present.

2.)Baskets or Bowls
Baskets or Bowls are adorable picture props simply because they give the audience perspective on simply how tiny the particular newborn is. It is this limited time time period in their life that parents associated with newborns will would like to remember permanently. The good point is cute containers and bowls may be purchased in nearly every craft shop for very lower prices.

3.)Hats and Headbands
Actually easier than baby wraps? Hats and headbands. These baby picture props maintain baby snug and add interest to the particular shot.
Hats and headbands can frequently be switched without having waking the baby up too a lot. This makes these kinds of props great with regard to adding variety in order to the same present.

Size plays an essential role in selecting the right caps and headbands. The particular hat or headband must be sized regarding a newborn. When a headband is actually big, you could sometimes tie a tiny rubber band about the excess in addition to hide the tie up in the again.


4.)Mom or perhaps Dad’s hands
Who else claims props cannot be free? A new close up regarding mom or dad’s arms is a new sweet image honestly, that is safe and an easy task to do. A parent’s arms may help demonstrate scale and advise mom and daddy precisely how little their particular child was previously.

Ask mom or daddy to hold their particular arms in a new V out coming from their body with all the baby inside. Move in on just the baby and the particular hands. Alternately, location a background upon the floor plus have a parent or guardian produce a circle on the ground with their hands.

Put the baby inside of those arms in addition to shoot from previously mentioned. The shot may look similar to be able to that baby hammock, without the need of a Photoshop composite.

5.)Stuffed Pets
Stuffed pets are a fantastic photography prop regarding showing scale inside photography. Ask typically the parents whether they have a new stuffed animal chosen out for typically the baby. As typically the child grows, continuous to use a similar stuffed animal produces a fun series. The pet adds a perception of scale regarding how much of which little one provides grown.

In the event the moms and dads want to keep on using the filled animal, you’ll employ the one which the newborn baby owns. But filled animals can even be obtained and useful for numerous newborn image periods.

6.)Faux Fur
Faux fur sets properly with a new basket image brace, but it likewise will consider great about it’s own. A single way photographers make using it is by hanging it over a sizable bean bag manufactured for posing infants, such as this particular one.

Also, a person can browse around your own house for the pillowy type surface area where one can lay the particular faux fur. This particular will provide a comfy, cushiony destination for a place your sleeping child to get the picture worthy associated with hanging on the particular wall.

Furs are available in a range associated with styles and colours, that is helpful in case you’re wanting to match up other accessories or even the theme associated with your baby’s space.


Hammocks are sweet photograph props that also must be executed with protection first.

8.)Posing Pillows
Obtaining a newborn in to ideal position will be an art. Appearing Pillows will help obtain the baby in this perfect position, protected with a quilt or fabric background.

Posing Pillows provide a little of versatility. You are able to You may make a form to have the particular baby’s head plus butt curve upward slightly. You may also location rolled-up towels beneath the blanket to assist get the baby’s head (or tush) inside the right place.

Posing Pillows usually are soft and comfortable for newborns. Typically the key to infant safety here is to ensure that the baby isn’t going to startle and roll off. Be sure to place the baby in the middle of the bean bag and keep a parent or assistant within arms reach.

9.)Photography Suit

A suitable newborn photography suit can make your photography more successful, and a variety of cute image shapes can better shape the shooting scene, so as to take more vivid and lovely photography photos. Choose a soft and skin-friendly newborn shooting suit to make your baby feel comfortable during the shooting.

10.) Milestone Stickers

Out of every thing about this list, We feel like month-to-month milestone stickers are usually 100% necessary. We know you’ve observed these - they may be large stickers which are put on the particular chest or stomach of the baby


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